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Transitional Second-Stage Housing

These residences are available only for people who have been through InnerVisions Treatment Centre and access is by invitation only. We have designed a structure in these houses that, if followed diligently, is highly effective. The success rate for long-term, contented sobriety hovers in the high 80 percentile for those who honour their commitment.

To be invited into an Aftercare Residence you must:

  1. need our services
  2. want our services
  3. ask to join us
  4. commit to our program
  5. be prepared to be held to your commitment
We want to emphasize that these residences are designed specifically for people to stay connected to the Treatment Centres.

Length of Stay:
Aftercares are a temporary transition facility. The stay is based on a 30 day contract (beginning of month to end of month), and can be renewed under the discretion of the House Manager. Residency will automatically be assessed at 6 months.

All residents must understand that any alcohol and drug use, aggressive behaviour, willful damage to property, or any behaviour not conducive to the security, safety or enjoyment of other occupants will result in the immediate expulsion from the residence (damage deposit will be forfeited).

Screening / Assessments / Referrals:
Our staff will conduct a Clinical Assessment and will create an Individualized Treatment Plan / Plan of Action. Appropriate referrals will be made.

Assessment areas covered include: stuballoon.jpg - 10112 Bytes

  • Current functioning
  • Drug use history
  • MAST, DAST, screening instruments
  • Medical Triggers Screening
  • Initial screening for gambling
  • Legal involvement
  • Employment/education history
  • Social functioning
  • Family of origin exploration
  • Client strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences

For further information please email us at or phone 604-889-4369

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