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careerpic1.jpg - 14579 Bytes We are a state of the art career center with professional Employment Counsellors who specialize in the field of addiction and anger barriers. The majorities of staff are clean and sober themselves and really understand what you are going through. We offer a rigorous five week job finding club, that is integrated with a combination of educational group sessions, as well as one on one assistance, We help clients obtaining concrete conflict resolution strategies, generating job search materials, obtaining employment, exploring funding opportunities, retraining and furthering education.

We can help you with these questions and MORE!
careerpic2.jpg - 15382 Bytes Are you unsure of what to do next with your life?
Are there barriers standing between you and your employment goals?
Do you ask yourself where do I begin?
How do I get a career?
What skills do I need for that job?
Should I go back to school?
Maybe I need a new job?


careerpic3.jpg - 14747 Bytes We can help with the following:
- Case Management
- Career Decision Making and Goal Setting
- Communication skills,
- Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Skills
- Interview techniques
- Job search websites
- Labour Market
- Occupational Information and Professional Associations
- Resumes, cover letters, and all other job search document preparation
- Leads lists: assemble & construct lists of potential employers
- Community resources
- Gain access to programs for re-entering School or Vocational training
- Barriers to employment and career planning

The following services are available to help participants with their needs to acquire gainful employment.

- Telephones and fax machines
- Computers with Internet capability
- Telephone messaging service
- Job posting board and application
- 1 on 1 counselling
- Lunch

In addition, participants have access to our Resource Centre which includes the above services as well as ongoing
career counselling and case management.
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"The above services are funded in whole or in part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement".

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