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Case Management

workshop1.jpg - 68258 Bytes Do you know what type of work you want and what you are able to do?
Do you have the skills and qualifications you need for this type of work?
Do you know how to find the work you want?
Once you have a job, are you able to keep it?

We are committed to a no-cost, guided journey to the success you deserve!

We are committed to your success through a collaborative effort with you in the assessment of your employment needs. We will assist you in developing an employment action plan, as well as providing you with referrals to employment resources and services. Our goal is to support you in gaining meaningful and sustainable employment.

Areas in which we will assist you:

  • Referral to services
  • Job search
  • Career exploration
  • Funding for training
  • Self employment
  • Targeted wage subsidy

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