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The Substance Abuse Family Education Program
Affordable Education for Family Members Affected by Addiction

Is someone in your family struggling with drugs or alcohol?
Are you feeling alone and helpless?
Confused and hurt?
Losing hope?
The Substance Abuse Family Education Program
can help you find hope in your struggle with a loved one's addiction.
familypic2.jpg - 13187 Bytes The SAFE program has been developed through insights gained in Billy Weselowski's Masters Degree Thesis. 15 years of experience contributed to this intensive look into the family unit and barriers to "family wellness." The SAFE program provides addiction knowledge, awareness, support and healthy tools to the family struggling with a loved one's substance misuse and / or abuse issues.

The 6 week family orientated program is designed to provide a forum where substance affected families can receive information and support in addressing the factors surrounding problematic substance abuse within the family unit. Results have shown that participation in the SAFE program can greatly increase the likelihood that all concerned will live positive, productive and healthier lifestyles. Often times family and loved ones do not have a concrete plan to help the addicted person. TRICITY EDUCATION has developed SOLID, CONCRETE, PROVEN ACTION PLANS to assist families so that they no longer need to suffer with the guilt, bewilderment, and chaos that they currently are living in.

During the 6 week period (18 educational hours), participants will explore:
  • Resources For the Family
  • Addictive Behaviors / Cycles
  • Anger Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Resources For the Addict
  • Peer Support and Feedback
  • Educational Videos
  • Coping Skills
  • Empowerment and Hope

Addiction: It's a Family Thing

familypic1.jpg - 14044 Bytes The SAFE program has been operating in Maple Ridge for the past 7 years with great success. One of the things that we noticed was missing was a program for the family members and loved ones of our clients who live out of town. We are looking into making this available online. We hope to bring to you in the future.

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