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Intervention Services

What is an Intervention?

InnerChoices Founder and Executive Director Billy Weselowski, has been helping people with addiction and their families since 1991. Interventions have played a major role in that process.

Real People, Real Experience Real Solutions! This Is The Real Deal!

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What is an Intervention?

An Intervention is a discreet and professionally planned process designed to illustrate the reality of addiction to the problematic user. It includes the provision of a solution(s) designed to empower the family, loved ones and the problematic user to accept an immediate way out. Our highly trained and professional Intervention Specialists use time tested principles and practices to plan a custom strategy aimed at presenting the Intervention in a professional, objective, caring, and non-judgmental manner. That has a serious impact for everyone involved.

It is important to note that we work in collaboration with 2 highly regarded, licensed Treatment Centre's. One for Men and one for Women, as such we can facilitate an immediate admission into a Residential Treatment Program.

How does it work?
There is a 3 Step process involved in the Intervention process:
     Step 1: Discovery: First we need to know the background and situation of the person who needs help. A full understanding of what is going on and who will be involved is essential.
     Step 2: Setting up a meeting with the family and loved ones. This session will allow everyone to understand what is going to take place during the meeting with the person who needs help. This is usually done the day before the Intervention.
     Step 3: At this point we are ready to meet with everyone involved, including the addict/alcoholic. The outcome of this meeting will determine what is next.

Fees for this service are on a sliding scale. On completion of these 3 steps, there will be arrangements made for a treatment bed (if appropriate) that would be available immediately!

Family Support:
Every family has different goals and needs. The Interventionist will be able asses what that is and put together a plan. Addiction affects the entire family and we understand that.

The Family Afterwards:
There are different options available to the family. For residence in the Lower Mainland, we can provide Private Counseling for an additional cost, separate from the Intervention. Alternatively, we have our S.A.F.E. (The Substance Abuse Family Education Program) This is a six week program which is offered in the evenings. Please visit the link provided to get a full insight about this program.

For complete information about this or any of our services, please call Jon and our team during office hours at 604-460-8812. Office hours 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday After hours please use the email link below. EMAIL can be sent to We will respond as quickly as possible.

Meet our Interventionist:
intervent2.jpg - 31697 Bytes Billy Weselowski has been helping addicts and alcoholics and their families for since 1991. He not only has personal experience with what people are going through, he has an extensive educational background as well, including a Masters Degree. Billy has a very compelling story. For more on this please Click Here!

Billy has professionally trained and continues to train all the staff connected to an Intervention. We are the Real Deal and have been so for over 20 years.

intervent3.jpg - 34813 BytesJerry Topley has been working in Recovery for 20 years. He is currently the Director of one of the most successful treatment centre's in Canada. Jerry has an extensive education as well. Certified in A&D Counselling, Conflict Resolution, Satir Family Counselling. Jerry has an amazing ability to see the truth and reality of what is really going on in the mind of the people he helps.

intervent4.jpg - 39707 BytesKim Weselowski has been working in the addiction field for well over 20 years. She has an education in Leadership, Satir, and Addictions. Like the rest of our team, Kim is also in Recovery and understands both sides of the equation. Aside from working with Interventions, she is the Assistant Executive Director of a highly successful treatment centre. Kim has had much success working with Women who suffer from addictions and their families.

intervent5.jpg - 39594 BytesJoanna Schofield has been working in addictions for over 7 years. She is educated in Satir and Addictions. She has vast experience with group counselling and 1 on 1 counselling. She is currently the Director of an accredited highly regarded Women's Treatment Centre. Given her current position, Joanna has a very clear insight into how addictions can affect families. She has helped countless people who have tragic stories, turn their lives around and reunited them with their loved ones.

Above all else, the biggest key to their success is the fact that all 4 of these people are in recovery themselves. They truly understand what it's like to have their world fall apart as a result of addiction. The flip side of that is they fully understand what is required to recover and maintain and clean and sober life. Between them they have over 70 years experience helping people with addictions and their families.

Real People, Real Experience Real Solutions!
This is The Real Deal!

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