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The InnerVisions Education Video Series is a set of award winning videos used internationally to educate family, friends, service providers, law enforcement, and substance misusers themselves in addiction and viable solutions. Video topics include: Addiction, Anger, Addiction Solutions, Family & Addiction, Youth & Addiction, Women & Addiction and Profile of an addict. Also part of this series is a workbook to help facilitate the message contained in the videos.

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Understanding Addiction
Explores two models of addiction, the disease model and the bio-psycho-social model. It also discusses the cycle of crisis, substance abuse, abstinence, sabotage and the possible return to substance abuse. The viewer of the video will come away with a better understanding of addiction and its consequences. Price $49.99 CDN

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Understanding Anger
Explores the five different styles of communication. Discusses the arousal cycle of anger and the feelings attached to anger. The viewer of the video will gain a better understanding of the emotion called anger and it's link to addiction. Price $49.99 CDN

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Profile of an Addict
This is a realistic profile of the progression of addiction from experimentation to complete dependency. An astounding turn-around is revealed of a drug and alcohol addict who now offers help to others in a similar situation. Motivating and educating others on substance abuse is what Billy does best! Experience the anger and remorse that Billy went through and marvel at the energy and success he enjoys today! An enthralling video to capture your attention to the society that we live in. Price $49.99 CDN

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