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careerpic1.jpg - 14579 Bytes Billy Weselowski is a person who was hopelessly addicted to alcohol and drugs and had not been employed for many years. He found a way to get out and learned how to live a clean and sober life. In addition, he went on to methodically develop a comprehensive continuum of care for individuals and family members impacted by problematic substance use. Over two decades ago, Billy co-founded InnerVisions Recovery Society. In 1992, seeing the tremendous need for a more complete array of services he established Innerstart Training & Education. Innerchoices was then developed in 1998 to address the barriers to employment that so many people who had gotten sober needed to overcome. This has proven to be a very potent continuum of services that has had definite, measurable, concrete success while being tremendously cost effective. At Stanford University Billy was taught that we can do alot of social good with a small amount of resources.

W Weselowski & Associates, Innerstart Training & Education, and Innerchoices Career Centre are a tapestry of services that did not happen overnight. They were developed because of the outstanding need for clients to have access to reliable, trustworthy and experienced people who care about what is happening in your life. Our commitment is to provide solutions in the timeliest manner possible and because our continuum is so comprehensive, we are able to greatly accelerate access to those solutions. We firmly believe we can respond faster than anyone in British Columbia, Canada.

If you or anyone in your life is experiencing problems associated with unemployment,
or difficulity with barriers to employment, substance abuse, anger, and/or non-productive
communication, we have some solid proven answers for you.

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